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Professional Dancer

Frequently Asked Questions

No Question Is Too Small

What is best dance attire?

Your dancer can wear any well fitting athletic clothing that is comfortable, movable, and makes the dancer feel like they can move without worrying about their clothing.

If the dancer is doing any type of acro in a class, we recommend a leotard or clothing that is very close to the body for spotting safety. 

Proper shoes will be required depending on the class, and you will be told upon registration. Barefoot is recommended for most classes. 

How many students are in each class?

Each recreational class will need a minimum of 4 registered dancers to run class. TEAM 27 classes will need a minimum of 5 participants to run the level.

Should there not be a minimum met, Alpha Dance Studio reserves the right to combine like-style classes to make the most exciting class for all of our dance friends. 

We strive to have a connected experience. Most class styles will be capped at 12 dancers. 

Do I need previous experience?

We are happy to offer classes to all ages and abilities. If you don't see a class that looks like something you are looking for, lets create one that fits and find dance friends to join you!



Enrollment in weekly recreational level classes begins in July and will close on December 14th. TEAM 27 enrollment will begin in August with auditions and will close on November 14th. Enrollment for both options will include a non-refundable membership fee of $25 per family.


All student accounts are REQUIRED to have a credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover) saved online for monthly tuition payments. Your account will be charged the yearly membership fee and 1st month’s tuition before being officially enrolled in class. Monthly tuition will be auto charged on the first of each month thereafter UNLESS you choose to pay by check, cash or a different credit card by the 25th of the prior month. Checks from your bank should be scheduled to arrive by the 25th if that is your payment choice. If your credit card expires or is compromised, it is your responsibility to update your card.

ALL TUITION PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. If the studio has to close its physical location due to a stay at home order from local, state or federal officials we will move classes and camps online. Tuition will be the same tuition rate as in-person instruction.

If your debit or credit card is declined, you are responsible for providing a new card within five (5) days of receiving notice of the declined card.  You will be charged a $25.00 fee for any checks returned to the Studio marked NSF. You will be charged a $25.00 late fee per week for any payments not received by the 7th day of the month the payment is due.

A 30-day written notice is required if it becomes necessary to drop a class. You may email the studio at or deliver written notice to the front desk.



Costumes & Costume Fees:

For Students enrolled in Recreational Level Classes, Costume Fees are split into two payments. First payment of $35 is due December 15th, and the balance is due upon costume arrival. The balance will be approximately $30-$40 more.

For Students enrolled in Competitive Level Classes, Costume Fees are split into two payments. First payment is due November 15th and is $50 per costume needed. The balance will be billed upon receipt of the costume and will range from $25-$100 depending on the costume selected by the instructor. Notice of full cost of each costume will be given on November 15th.  

If tuition is paid by automatic debit or credit card payment, the card on file will automatically be charged on November 15th.  If tuition is paid by cash or check, payment of the costume and recital fees is due by November 15th to avoid a $15.00 late fee.  AFTER NOVEMBER 15TH, ALL COSTUME FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  

Costume Fees pay for costume pieces and hair accessories.  Costume Fees do not include shoes, tights, undergarments, alterations, or additional rhinestoning (TEAM 27 only). Solo dancers may select to purchase their own custom costume at their own expense, and must be approved by the instructor prior to purchase.  


Alpha Dance Studio reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher and/or class if the regularly scheduled teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach classes.


Regular attendance is required for students.  In the sole discretion of the Director, students who miss too many classes may be required to make-up missed classes. Make-up classes for illness will be scheduled as needed with the Director.   


It is the parent’s responsibility to be aware of all school activities, closed dates, etc. Any known vacation or absence needs to be communicated ASAP. Communications will primarily occur through emails and posted notices in the lobby of the Studio, and in various forms of electronic communications. Parents, or adult students, must inform the Studio of any address, email, or telephone number changes. Students cannot be dropped-off more than fifteen (15) minutes before each class.  Each student must be picked-up within twenty (20) minutes after each class. Young dancers (under 9 years of age) are not allowed to be unaccompanied at any time and should be picked up immediately following the release of class. Any destruction of the property by an unsupervised child will be at the cost of the parent to repair/replace. Parents are to remain in waiting areas at all times, unless specifically invited into a classroom. Distractions from outside sources will not be allowed or tolerated.

Parents of older children: Please do not attempt to communicate with your dancer via cell phone/text message during class times. The students will not be allowed phones inside the dance room, unless instructed to use them to video specific choreography. If you need to communicate with your dancer because of an emergency, please call the office phone to relay the message. TEAM 27 DANCERS: Cell phone use will not be permitted during any conventions (during active dance times), master classes, or on-stage during awards ceremonies. Students and families agree to abide by the no videotaping rules posted by each competition. Should Alpha Dance Studio be disqualified due to not adhering to the rules, the parent may be required to reimburse some competition costs at the discretion of the Director.

We assume all dancers ARE participating in every required competition and will be auto charged all related fees, unless we are notified otherwise in writing. Competitive Level Dancers will be required to assist in dress rehearsal as scheduled prior to the Recital.

SOCIAL MEDIA RESPONSIBILITY:  There will be no social media posting of choreography without consent of the choreographer. TEAM 27 Dancers will be held to the highest standard of ethics with all social media posts. Dancers will NOT:

  • Post photos of other dancers without permission

  • Post or share offensive or inappropriate images, language, video or other such content

  • Engage in online bullying including leaving unkind comments on others’ posts or photos

Should a Dancer not adhere to the above policy, it will be at the full discretion of the Director whether a termination is necessary.


The Undersigned, individually and on behalf of their minor children, heirs, representatives, and assigns, fully and irrevocably waive, release, and discharge Alpha Dance Studio, its officers, directors, members, managers, agents, representatives, and employees from and against any and all claims for personal injury, property damage, or any other claims, demands, and causes of action relating, in any way, to the actions performed during instruction and/or on the premises of the Studio.

The Undersigned, individually and on behalf of their minor children, represents that they are attending the instruction willingly and voluntarily, and will abide by all policies and procedures of the Studio as exist or may be amended.  

Alpha Dance Studio, its officers, directors, members, managers, agents, representatives, and employees assume no responsibility for friends and/or family members accompanying a student.  Furthermore, Alpha Dance Studio, its officers, directors, members, managers, agents, representatives, and employees assume no responsibility for protecting the property of any student, parent, family member, or friend.


Alpha Dance Studio is hereby granted permission to take photographs and/or videos of the students to use in brochures, websites, posters, advertisements, and other promotional materials in the Studio’s sole discretion. The Undersigned hereby waives all right, title, and interest to any copyright, or other intellectual property right that the Undersigned may have in such photographs, and grants the Studio all right, title, and interest to those photographs.


Alpha Dance Studio, in its sole and absolute discretion, retains the right to discharge any student, parent, family member, or friend from the Studio for any act that the Studio believes creates an unsafe environment including, but not limited to, discrimination, hate speech, threats of physical harm, verbal or physical altercation, damage, and/or harm whether to another person or property, and/or any action that is materially harmful to the Studio. In the event you have created an unsafe environment, you may receive one warning from the Director, Tiffany Jacquier, prior to your discharge from the Studio, or, in the Studio’s sole and absolute discretion, you may be discharged from the Studio immediately, without warning. In the event of discharge from the Studio for creating an unsafe environment, you will not receive any refund for any tuition and/or fees previously paid to the Studio.

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